Welcome to KSA!

Founded in November 2009, the Kentucky Stormwater Association (KSA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) communities, stormwater professionals, vendors and other agencies with vested interests in stormwater management. What began as an informal MS4 Workgroup that consisted of various MS4 communities meeting to discuss new stormwater regulations has evolved into KSA, an official organization that supports its memberships through continuous stormwater training opportunities and a platform for open dialogue with regulators about current and upcoming stormwater regulations.
Members of KSA include Phase I and Phase II MS4 communities along with agencies and organizations that support the goals of KSA, stormwater vendors, and professional consulting firms.

KSA supports collaboration, training and implementation with respect to stormwater permitting and solutions to improve the quality of Kentucky’s waterways. KSA provides forums for our members to interact and learn about the latest stormwater news, resources and implementation strategies. KSA’s main function is to provide comprehensive training to its members with regards to stormwater quality topics, particularly MS4 Permit regulations. KSA primarily provides training at least four times per year through day-long quarterly meetings and one multi-day annual conference. In addition, KSA provides MS4 communities a means of communicating with state and federal regulators through coordinated and unified messages.

KSA mission

The Kentucky Stormwater Association provides a venue that brings together the resources of member organizations, government agencies, stormwater management partners and stakeholders for the exchange of information and knowledge to assist MS4 communities in the continuing development of smart and affordable stormwater quality management programs and practices that meet regulatory requirements and promote a clean and healthy watershed environment in the Commonwealth.

KSA vision

With the active participation of our member organizations, and in fostering a cohesive and cooperative partnership with regulatory agencies, the Kentucky Stormwater Association will be a catalyst for positive change in stormwater management that supports thriving communities and protects the quality of the waters of Kentucky.

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Benefits of KSA Membership

KSA membership provides value to a variety of audiences. Membership benefits include:
• Networking opportunities with Kentucky MS4s and other industry professionals.
• Understand the goals, objectives, and concerns of Kentucky MS4s as stormwater regulations continue to intensify.
• Quarterly meetings provide professional training on MS4 topics of interest.
• Annual Conference provides training and networking opportunities.
• Multiple members of your organization can join for one low annual fee.

About KSA

Through coordination with the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) and the EPA regarding current and pending stormwater regulations, KSA provides its membership and stakeholders with education, training, and representation helping to navigate the stormwater regulatory world. The membership benefit from a message strongly and consistently delivered by KSA as opposed to many separate communities. The KSA Board and committees have been very busy representing its membership and building a vibrant and growing organization.