MEMBER - $100 per year - Click here to Join Now!
Regular (voting) membership will be open to entities listed as Permittees and co-Permittees issued Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) permits for implementing Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) regulations, located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

ASSOCIATE - $150 per year - Click here to Join Now!
Associate (non-voting) memberships are available to agencies and organizations that support the goals and objectives of KSA including local governments not holding MS4 permits. 

PARTNER- $200 per year - Click here to Join Now!
Partner (non-voting) memberships are available to individuals, stormwater management vendor companies and professional consultant companies.

RETIRED PROFESSIONAL / STUDENT - $50 per year - Click here to Join Now!
Retired Professional / Student (non-voting) memberships are available to individuals that are retired stormwater professionals or registered students that are not actively employed for stormwater-related services.

 Interested in the Kentucky Stormwater Association Bylaws? Click the link to open a PDF document. 

KSA Bookkeeping Support Service Request for Proposal

The Kentucky Stormwater Association (KSA) is requesting proposals from qualified firms / individuals to provide accounting support services to the organization. This "Bookkeeping Coordinator (BC)" will assist KSA with matters pertaining to taxes, budgets, and other financial matters.