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2013 Conference (Presentations are not available)
Anatomy of Karst - The Hole Story: Warren Campbell, WKU
Stormwater Infiltration in Clay Soils and Porous Pavements: Christopher Estes, Estes Design, Inc.
Detention Basin Retrofits to Improve Stormwater Quality: Christ Rust, Strand Associates
Erosion & Sediment Control Program Management: Bob Stauble, Louisville MSD
Estimating Load Reduction Costs for Assessing Stormwater BMP Feasibility: Russ Turpin, EcoGro
Frankfort / Franklin County Green Block Demonstration Project: B. Scott Southall, CDP Engineers
Effectively Using the International BMP Database: Robert Carr, Gresham, Smith and Partners
State of the Commonwealth: Peter Goodmann, KDOW
Green Infrastructure Requirements in Louisville: David Johnson, Louisville MSD
Navigating KY's Stormwater Regulations: Jarret Goddard, Contech Engineered Solutions
Education & Outreach 102: Implementing a Stormwater I&E Campaign: Rebeca Bell, Biodiversity Project
Stormwater in the Lost River Basin: Dan Nedvidek
USGS Kentucky Water Science Cente: Mike Griffin, USGS
Wetlands CASE STUDY Lost River Cave: Tim Slattery and Jack Wright